1. Managing Director
    Baby Pic
    This has to be one of my favorite baby pictures of myself! Who knew babies could rock bow ties??
  2. Managing Director
    Mirror Selfies
    A quick mirror selfie break with a good friend!
  3. Managing Director
    ...And another one
    Occasionally, I pause during my day to take a quick selfie (though I hardly make a normal face)
  4. Managing Director
    The Real Me
    A picture of me in my natural habitat...with a plate of food (side note: this was single handedly the best plate of fish and chips I have ever had. And I had them in London which makes them, like, actually authentic!)
  5. Managing Director
    On the Mountain
    The beautiful view from the top of the mountain on one of my days snowboarding with my dad
  6. Managing Director
    I took this picture of my favorite walking trail right after a big snow storm. This trail is 5 minutes from my house in a small, peaceful town in Vermont.
  7. Managing Director
    My baby
    A very cute picture of my favorite little man. Though he went to doggy heaven 2 years ago, he was my bestest friend in the world. He played a huge role in my recovery process during many of my bouts with really rough mental illness. He is also the reason I love English Bulldogs so much
  8. Managing Director
    One of my all-time favorite things to do is to see live music. My first concert was front row at the Beach Boys when I was 6, and since then I have seen people from Justin Bieber to The Rolling Stones. This is a shot of Gillette Stadium a year ago when I saw Bruce Springsteen
  9. Managing Director
    My art teacher took this picture of me to paint a self portrait with during my junior year art class
  10. Managing Director
    Views From The Tower
    Climbed to the top of The Tower at Hubbard Park in Vermonts State capitol and took some beautiful pictures!
  11. Managing Director
    ...Another Tower Shot
    This time I took a picture with my beautiful mom
  12. Managing Director
    Fun with Filters
    There's nothing a funky filter can't fix
Snapshots of My Life

The picture that show who I am and what I love

In this gallery, you will find pictures of me, my home town, and my friends. You will also find some awesome pictures of me at some of the most important events in my life. I am constantly adding to this gallery, so keep an eye out for new pics!