Hey! My name is Lena Ford & I'm a mental health advocate!!

Whether or not you have a mental illness, everyone has mental health that they need to take care of!
So take some time to learn about yourself and, as my mom always says: 
"be the best you can be!" 
I am just a small town girl with big dreams! I would say that I grew up in a small town in Vermont, but every town in Vermont is a small town. So I guess I grew up in a normal town in Vermont :) 
The outdoors is a huge part of my life. Don't get me wrong, going to the beach is nice, but I much prefer to get lost in the woods. I find it so much more relaxing to be surrounded by nature and wildlife rather than other people. I also love the mountains, whether I'm hiking up or snowboarding down!
I love spending time with animals big and small. I love to hang out with cows, watch deer roam in the wlid, or pet literally any dog I meet. I am also obsessed with whales! I have been on an east coast whale watch and hope to go on a west coast watch soon. I find whales to be so majestic and I am simply awestruck by their size.

My Current Obsessions

TV Show: The Office (always). But I am pretty hyped about the upcoming season of American Horror Story :)
SongThunder by Imagine Dragons
AlbumRainbow by Kesha is giving me LIFE right now!!
Dessert: Strawberries with whipped cream. I'll put whipped cream on just about anything if we're being honest, but it's strawberries so it's, like, healthy....
Hobby: I have an obsession with all things paranormal. I believe in mediums and spirits and demons and I love them all. TV shows, books, movies, I love it all. I have never been ghost hunting in real life, but it's on my bucket list.
Celeb Crush: I've always loved me some Biebs, but Harry Styles is also very delicious. 
Girl Crush: Adele. Fucking Adele....

I have been living with mental illness for most of my life (I was officially diagnosed a few years ago) and I hope that by sharing my story, I can inspire others.

There is SO MUCH stigma attached to mental illness, and I want to do whatever I can to help change that.

Mental Illness' are nothing to be ashamed of. If you think you may have a mental illness, owning up to it and asking for help is a sign of strength, NOT weakness.

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The internet and social media play a huge role in 21st  century society. The biggest changemakers of this generation need to know how to harvest the power of the internet.
I intend to use all assets of the media to promote a message of love and social justice for all.
Did you know that one of the most vital things in life is human connection? I love connecting with new people, and lending a helping hand whenever I can!
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Mental illness does not discriminate based on age, race, gender, or location. Mental health issues affect millions of people everywhere across the globe.
If you or someone you know needs help, check out any of the resouces linked below:
​Thank you for taking the time to learn about me and what I do. I have a passion for helping others, and it is people like you that allow me to do what I love everyday! If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear them. Go the the CONTACT US tab and let me know whats on your mind.

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